John D. Griffith

Author of Inter-Genre Fiction

John D. Griffith​​​

You thought that you were dead. What would you do if you suddenly woke up?​

Follow the stories of several characters as they embark on a second chance at life resulting from the catastrophe of the not so distant future. All of the short stories in this series can be read in full here on this website for your immediate enjoyment! READ MORE!

Thinking out loud

As I wonder and wander through life, I find random inspiration all over the place. If something strikes a chord that affects my worldview or understanding of life then I will share it with you, my readers, here on this website. Hopefully you will find this blog to be well-researched, entertaining, thought-provoking, and direct and to the point. THE BLOG!

About the Author

I really don't expect you to care, but if you happen to be curious about me, the man behind the keyboard, then I have included here on this website a biography that includes random things like work, school, relationships, and interests. I will try to keep it updated so that the information is always current. READ MORE!


If you are looking for a good book or film or any old thing that humans do, then you are welcome to come here and read my recommendations. I won't waste your time talking about anything that I wouldn't want to experience again myself. These will all be positive reviews. If I like it, then I will share it.  READ MORE!​​