John D. Griffith

Author of Inter-Genre Fiction

The Primordials
Table of Contents
The Primordials is a collection of short stories that can be read by themselves or as together as one.

The setting is roughly 500 years into the future during a time when the threat of extinction has forced scientists to conduct human genetic experiments in an attempt to retrieve those natural disease-fighting genes that had been long lost from many generations of pharmaceutical dependency. 

Cryogenically frozen humans from the nineteenth and twentieth century, known as primordials, are being woken up to be used as test subjects. These remnants of the past have no legal rights and are permitted no identity. They serve one purpose: to provide living material for the genetic experiments purposed at finding a cure for pharmaceutics.

The struggle of the future society, as well as the many conflicts of the primordials themselves, are all seen through the eyes of the waking corpses, long thought to be dead.